Google goes back to maps showing Katrina damage –

That did not take long! – See here for background. I guess a little bit of outrage goes a long way, especially when it did not hurt google one bit to revert to the old pictures. All’s well with the world, we can now go back to worrying about Britney Spears!

Google goes back to maps showing Katrina damage –

Google Inc. is once again showing this city in ruins after the company came under fire for replacing post-Hurricane Katrina imagery on its popular map portal with views of the city as it existed before the storm.

An Associated Press article on Thursday highlighted the changes, leading a U.S. House subcommittee to accuse Google of “airbrushing history” for depicting a New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast without hurricane damage.

The new satellite imagery, which offers a bird’s eye view of the world, now shows post-Katrina New Orleans dotted by blue protective tarps on damaged roofs and the Lower 9th Ward neighborhood covered in debris.

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