NC Smoking bill dead this year

The vote was 55-61, and one of the arguments advanced was by Representative Paul Stam (h/t N&O’s new political blog):

This is pushing smoke out of places where only adults are, but into places where children are. A person who’s addicted to tobacco and can’t smoke all day will get in that car and have to light up three or four or go home and do what they didn’t do during the day. That seems common sense to me.”

Yeah, and if you stop a murderer from killing in public, he will kill at home, so we should just let him shoot people randomly in public.

North Carolina General Assembly – House Bill 259 Information/History (2007-2008 Session)

Whatever, it does not matter, smoking in public will be history even in the South in a decade or less, just a few lawsuits away. I think we first need to overturn the laws against local government passing anti smoking legislation.

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