Minnesota passes Smoking Ban

So, that’s now a full 40% of states in the country where smoking in bars and restaurants is prohibited or restricted. North Carolina, c’mon! If people can brave smoking outdoors in January in Minnesota, they can do it anywhere!

Minnesota lawmakers pass smoking ban – Yahoo! News

Minnesota would ban smoking in bars, restaurants and other establishments under a bill approved by the Legislature.

The bill passed the state House by an 81-48 vote early Saturday, hours after the state Senate approved it 43-21. It now heads to Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has said he will sign it.

Minnesota would become the 20th state to prohibit smoking in bars and restaurants. Violations would carry fines of up to $300 for smokers and business owners who allow smoking. The ban would start Oct. 1.

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1 comment for “Minnesota passes Smoking Ban

  1. Ed
    May 12, 2007 at 11:22 am

    Minnesota lawmakers have surrendered thir authority to the nanny statists at the World Health Organization and mindless busybodies can begin their gloating,

    Now let’s get to work on controlling Minnesotans’ diet, love lives, recrecreation and any other pleasurable activity. Everything fun is bad for your health, so let’s all burst with health!