Yes, fight and die for us in the most important war we ever fought, but god forbid, we don’t want you to live with us.

BBC NEWS | UK | Gurkha hero appeals for UK entry

A former Gurkha who won the British military’s highest honour is appealing against a decision to deny him a home in the UK. Tul Bahadar Pun, 84, who was awarded the Victoria Cross during World War II, wants to move from Nepal to the UK for health reasons. But British officials in Nepal told him that he was unable to demonstrate strong enough ties to the UK.

Geez, are these guys morons or what? Is this just plain old “going by the book” incompetence, or something more malign? Anyway, I don’t expect anything more from these people. It’s kinda like how the US lets fewer Iraqi refugees in than Sweden.

Update June 3rd:

All’s well that ends well…

Tul Bahadur Pun, 84, who wanted to move from Nepal for medical reasons, promised to be a “credit” to Britain and expressed “deep gratitude”.

He was initially told he did not have enough British ties to move but was eventually granted a visa because his case was “exceptional”

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