Warning: Personal post ahead, don’t read if you don’t know me!

Well, since life’s changing quite a bit, what with moving from Chapel Hill to Victoria and all, I haven’t been thinking of bloggable issues, which means this blog has been rotting away to almost nothingness. But, what the hell, mostly friends and the occasional person searching for sea turtles and/or India find me out in the far hinterlands of the ‘net. So, I will cater to my friends and post a personal update!

Made it to Victoria safe and sound, though not without all kinds of adventures in the security line at RDU, place was a zoo of unprecedented (for me) proportions. But, a beautiful and sunny day in Victoria greeted me, and if I had not left my camera behind and simultaneously misplaced the SD micro card on my cellphone (its memory is full up), maybe I would have taken some pictures! I am staying at this place that is half hotel half hostel. The room’s tiny and spare, the place has a homely feel to it, the kitchen serves excellent food for four bucks, and has nice beer on tap. The place is alive and has character in a way a hotel would never have.

Apartment hunting starts in earnest tomorrow. My very friendly bartender informs me that finding a place takes time, and that May 1 is a great time because a lot of students (it is a town with a decent sized university) leave then. But can I stay here for a month? hmm, don’t know about that.

Jet lag hits, so I am going to take it easy. Tomorrow’s a crazy busy day with apartment hunting, applying for all kinds of government cards, etc, luckily, I am a few blocks away from city hall (this ho(s)tel’s location is impeccable.

Adios, my brain’s fried and my eyes can’t focus any more, I’ve been up for 20 hours, time to wind down!

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  1. Your warning sounds like “don’t think about a monkey when you eat this legiyam”. been reading your blog for a while. good luck with the move to Victoria!

  2. I am a brand new blogger and I came across your blog because of the turtle title. I’m a turtler too! But in a much different way (if you with to see an example please visit ). I searched everywhere for close-ups of baby sea turtles when I was creating my turtles out of clay, and I could find none. So I love your banner! My turtles were inspired by my sister’s trip to the Mariana Islands a few years ago where she and her family lived for 6 months. There were several secret, proteted hatching sites, as well as native rituals involving the slaughter of many female sea turtles for traditional meals. It was a mixture of emotions, so say the least. Anyway, thanks!

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