Scientist speaks up

Vote for [Liberal Party Leader] Stéphane Dion; don't vote for the Green Party," Weaver said in an interview promoting Keeping Our Cool: Canada in a Warming World.

"If the Green Party has a strong candidate who's going to beat out the Liberal and Conservative candidates, then, okay, go ahead and vote Green. But, by and large, a green vote is not a Green vote. A green vote is for a Liberal government and Stéphane Dion. There is no other candidate you can vote for.

Scientist speaks up.

Victoria’s most prominent scientist wants you to vote for a Liberal Party candidate in this Canadian election.

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  1. Vote for anyone but for the Conservatives!

    Harper is ignorant, arrogant and hypocritical when it comes to addressing the needs of the Canadian people.
    Perhaps what Canada needs is a new political system, until then Canadians should ensure that there is never going to be a majority government of any kind. Voting for change appears to be voting for the same corrupt, ignorant and arrogant people to run our country, except that the name on the paycheck is different.

    Reform is needed:

    Tax Reform – Abolish or clean up the corrupt Canada Revenue Agency.

    Judicial Reform – Abolish the appointment of corrupt judges, and elect judges as we elect MP’s, by voting who we think is not corrupt, although that may be difficult in both cases.

    Pension Reform – Unify the provincial and federal Pension Benefit Standards Act. Present protection differs between the provincially registered plans versus the federally registered plans, which is discriminatory.

    Energy Reform – Canadians rely on their automobiles for transportation since the country does not have a transportation infrastructure. Take the perverse profits the Oil companies brag about, over $400Billion, and equalize the prize of gasoline at the pumps. Canadians are being taken hostage by these companies and politically motivated events, over which the Canadian people have no control. It is criminal to make the Canadian people suffer at the hands of corrupt operators and corrupt politicians.

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