Corporate tax cuts, solutions to credit crisis top PM's agenda

The Conservative tally and their wins in all regions of the country will give them enough power in the Commons to press ahead with their economic agenda, which, among other things, includes $50 billion in corporate tax cuts and possibly big-buck solutions to easing the credit crunch. The party also promised in the campaign to enact a tougher crime package aimed at young offenders in particular.

Corporate tax cuts, solutions to credit crisis top PM’s agenda

Yes more tax cuts is always the answer, and lock up the kids!! Don’t pay any attention to crumbling infrastructure, or increasing homelessness or the inadequacy of funding for the healthcare system. Just cut taxes for the rich, worked out very well for our Southern neighbours!

Under the current system, the Conservatives will need to really screw up to lose power. They are the only right of centre party in the country, and under our unrepresentative and unresponsive system, one will need a big percentage point swing towards the Liberal, or a complete collapse of the NDP, or the other way around to change the reality. Alternatively, a split in the conservative vote as existed till a few years back.

My neighbouring riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands is clear indication of vote splitting, and other major problems with our election system. The conservative candidate won by about 2500 votes with the Green Party candidate drawing 6500 votes and the skinny dipping candidate who pulled out of the election, but did not withdraw his name won 3500 votes, how about that! Atleast voter turnout was more than 50%.

We need any system other than a first past the post I can win with 60% of the electorate voting against me system.

1 comment for “Corporate tax cuts, solutions to credit crisis top PM's agenda

  1. Bruce
    October 15, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    Welcome to Canadian politics! Take heart these things do tend to go in cycles. As you observed, the right was in disarray for most of the 90s as the Progressive Conservative and Reform parties split the national vote and helped the Liberals win three consecutive majority governments. The Liberals gained a sense of complacency and entitlement and eventually collapsed in scandal (another common occurance in the Canadian hinterland!)

    At least in the current landscape, the Conservatives need to find a coalition party to govern. That does prevent them from going hog-wild. But I agree that the system is not perfect. I’d like to see some element of proportional representation put into place, along the lines of the German system.

    Could it also be time for an NDP-Green alliance? The NDP has been sitting on the fringes of relevance for thirty years. Why not pick up the green banner. As well, perhaps the national parties need to run smarter and more relevant campaigns in Quebec and take some seats away from the Bloc. Regional parties splitting the vote have always been a problem with the Canadian system.

    Anyway, that’s just 2cents from a rambling Canadian expatriate far away in a southern swing state!