Want a tougher Canadian Refugee Policy? Read this

Deported to torture – thestar.com

The memories aren’t all good. The country the Benhmudas love is also the country that rejected them as refugees. In 2008, the Canadian government deported the family back to Libya — even though the two youngest boys, Adam and Omar, are Canadian citizens by birth.

For the boys’ father, it meant being deported to torture.

Adel Benhmuda, now 43, says he was detained on arrival at Tripoli’s airport and taken to the notorious Ain Zara prison on the outskirts of the Libyan capital. For a total of six months, during two separate periods of detention, he says he was repeatedly beaten.

Note that the tougher it is for refugees to prove their case, the more likely it is that some will be sent back for further persecution.

1 comment for “Want a tougher Canadian Refugee Policy? Read this

  1. Lee
    June 21, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    I feel for them, but they came from upper middle class. They had money, and they also could have asked for asylum from all the European countries they visited. To blame the government of Canada is absurd. I am all for immigration, but it has to follow all the proper channels. They did not meet refugee status as they claimed. the rest of his family are still in Libya and doing well. They had no right to have 2 more children while awaiting their hearing. ALL refugee claimants should not be allowed to have children in Canada, until they have become citizens of this great country.

    Adel had two opportunities to appeal, but he chose not too. Therefore he is out of luck. They are Maltas’ problem now, they receive welfare and the children are in school. they still have money, as they sold half of all the gold they had to get out of Libya to Malta. Wish I had that much gold to sell.