Leftover milk solids chocolate balls

When you make ghee, and are careful enough not to burn the batch, the milk solids that are filtered out are great to use up. This site has a bunch of ideas . The one I do most often is a variation of the sweet my grandmother used to make and has my kid asking why I haven’t made ghee recently.

  • Mash and mix the milk solids with a spoon till smooth and any of the larger particles or clumps are gone.
  • Mix in some rice flour for structure, and sugar and cocoa powder and continue to mix till you get a smooth consistent thick paste. No proportions, it’s a feeling.
  • Ask your kid to taste it and adjust the sugar and cocoa as needed, or taste it yourself 🙂
  • Shape and roll with your hand into a long cylinder and cut into equal portions
  • Make each portion spherical (or whatever shape) and transfer to a container to refrigerate.
  • Once the residual ghee in the mix solidifies in the fridge, you’ll get a very tasty bit of chocolate dessert!

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