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Feds punt on Bisphenol A

By studiously ignoring all the subtle hormone disruption effects of bisphenol A and concentrating on easily observable neurological effects, the CERHR essentially does the industry’s bidding. Some risk linked to plastic chemical – Los Angeles Times A federal panel of scientists concluded Wednesday that an estrogen-like compound in plastic could be posing some risk to…

Conflicts of Interest in Bisphenol A Decision Making

I have written about bisphenol A recently. It’s a chemical found in polycarbonate plastics that has been linked with some crazy effects in mice at ambient levels including disruption of oogenesis (egg production) and effects two generations removed (grandmother effects). Public health agency linked to chemical industry – Los Angeles Times For nearly a decade,…


Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – A new Resource

Critical Windows of Development is a timeline of how the human body develops in the womb, with animal research showing when low-dose exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals during development results in altered health outcomes. Critical Windows of Development This promises to be an easy to use database showing development timelines of infants, and the documented…


How NAFTA infringes on local environmental regulations

Dow AgroSciences is considering using the controversial investor-protection provisions of the North American free-trade agreement to seek compensation from the federal government over Quebec's ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides. The company, a maker of the weed-killer 2,4-D, filed a notice of intent to submit a claim to arbitration under NAFTA in late August….


Flame Retardants and Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Caveat Emptor: They found a correlation, not a causative mechanism. But Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs, yum!) have structures that can mimic endocrine hormones. Because hormones signal at very low doses and continuously, our whole toxicological risk testing structure of looking for acute effects at high doses and trying to extrapolate those effects to low doses…


Glass baby bottles making comeback

More Bisphenol A blowback, apparently, SF parents are switching to glass. Glass baby bottles making comeback / Stores selling out after health alarms raised about plastics Glass baby bottles, replaced decades ago by unbreakable plastic, are making such a comeback that parents can’t get their hands on them. Online and brick-and-mortar retailers report a run…